Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kaden 2 months!

Kaden has become so fun! Everyday Ben and I feel so blessed to have him as our son. He is such an easy, happy baby.  We couldn't be more grateful.

Here are the new developments at this milestone:
-Kaden can laugh, smile, and coo
-Kaden loves to have his diaper changed...he smiles and laughs EVERY time we change him!
-Blenders and vacuums don't faze him, but sneezing scares him!
-Still wears size newborn in clothes BUT they are getting more snug
-Can hold his head up
-Loves to look at colors and patterns
-Recognizes mom and dad--their voices and faces
-Sleeping mostly through the night
-Loves baths
-Has ticklish feet and is really ticklish on his "man boobies"
-Cries whenever he is in his car seat--he hates that thing!
-Hates being alone-he is a very cuddly baby
-Loves to be held upright against a chest

and finally...he has learned to breastfeed!!! Yay!!!