Saturday, May 10, 2014

For my mom...

I felt a really strong need to write a few thoughts about my incredible mother. Now I know there are a lot of selfless, caring, empathetic mothers out there, but I truly believe I was blessed to be born to and raised by one of the most celestial women who has ever lived. I owe all my accomplishments to my mom.

She has been my number one supporter and cheerleader for my life. She taught me unconditional love, something I didn't truly understand until I became a mother myself; then I finally understood how blessed i was to grow up in the embrace of her fiercely-strong, selfless love.

My mom has not lived an easy life. In fact, I know of no other person who has been dealt more trials and hardships, yet continues to live faithfully to God and devoted to the happiness and well-being of others. My mom faces her trials beautifully, and uses them as tools to teach and uplift others. She is in every way a healer of broken hearts and  broken people. As a previous child of abuse, she now works full-time helping other children heal from their own abuse. As a once young and single mother, she is the perfect sympathizer for the sometimes dauntingly lonely task of being a stay at home mom. As a woman who has suffered debilitating physical ailments, she inspires and encourages others to push past their limitations, and sets the example by rocking out at Zumba class whenever she can. As her daughter, she helped heal me of my own insecurities, shyness, and fear of inadequacy. Because she believed in me, I believed in me.

I could write more about how my mom's special potato soup can heal any flu-like symptom, or how she would decorate her office proudly with the thousands of stcky-notes i had drawn pictures on, or how her singing to Carpenter's "Im On Top of the World" cures all teenage sassiness, or how her cool hands on my forehead soothed any anxiety or stress...but you'd still only get a small picture of how incredible of a mom this woman is.

On this mother's day, my first as a mother myself, I wanted to let my mom know just how remarkable of a woman and mother she is. If I can love my kids with half the selflessness that my mom shows to me, I will consider my life a success. I love you mom! happy mothers day!!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Kaden 10 months and Utah Trip!

Well, since Ben was working insane 100hr+ weeks and I was living basically like a single mom, I decided to fly out to Utah a week early and spend some extra time with my fam. It was awesome. Between the good food, endless shopping, and abundance of willing babysitters, I was in Heaven! It was SO nice to be with my family and friends and not feel alone so much. It was especially cool for my mom to bond with Kaden, since she had more time now that she GRADUATED with her Master's Degree! woohoo! So proud of my mommy.

 Time flew way too fast but it was reunited with my sweetheart in Texas again. I CANNOT WAIT to spend the summer in Utah! Ben and I have already made a huge bucket list for things we want to do and its going to be awesome! But enough about that, here is an update on the big 10 month old!!!

-Huge dancer!! Every time music plays he goes crazy!
-NO teeth but honestly those buggers could come any day now
-crawling super speedy fast everywhere and pulling himself up on all the furniture and even on walls
-knows how to climb up stairs
-walks when you hold his hands
-OBSESSED with balls: baseballs, footballs, you name it this kid is boy through and through!
-loves to hang upside down
-loves being thrown
-hates sitting on grass
-understands the words: momma, daddy, birdies, outside, no-no, night-night, ball, Look, and bye-bye
-says "Momma"
-Copies sounds that we make
-big brown eyes now--no longer blue!
-lots and lots of Blonde hair!
-Has learned how to play peek-a-boo
-loves going grocery shopping and looking around at everything
-transitioning now to just 2 naps per day
-loves popcorn, blueberries, hummus, pudding, breastmilk popsicles, watermelon, and peas
-refuses baby food 99% of the time
-loves to chew on giant carrots and cucumbers
-loves showers, baths, and swimming
-loves reading books and watching baby einstein
-obsessed with wheels-car wheels, stroller wheels, etc.
-social butterfly, loves to play with all other babies and kids
-a big flirt, smiles and coos at strangers everywhere
-will give a "kiss-kiss" and pucker his lips to be kissed
-when he wants your attention he turns his head to look at you upside down--hard to explain but honestly the cutest thing in the world!

We are getting so close to one year that it breaks my heart! The next few months are going to be CRAZY as we move to Utah for awhile, then Oregon, then Florida, then back to Texas for all of Ben's away rotations. Wish us luck, it'll be a crazy roller-coaster ride!