Friday, October 3, 2014

Kaden is 15 months!

While I've been withering in the Houston heat, Kaden, on the other hand has been growing SO much! He is constantly learning, exploring, and never sitting still! Here are some of his new trouble-making skills:

-says "mama" about 700,000 times a day. Its very cute, but he mostly yells it.

-still says "ball" about 800,000 times a day. OBSESSED. He will watch any sport that involves balls on TV, but could care less about cartoons. Soccer, Basketball, even GOLF mesmerizes him!

-Loves getting into the following: garbage can, toilet, silverware drawer, makeup, food storage, and laundry basket. You can only begin to imagine the messes this kid creates! and yes, we try to baby proof without much success; he is tricky!

-loves listening to music and dancing. He especially loves Taylor Swift  and Katy Perry:)

-knows how to follow instructions like: go get your shoes, take a bite, throw that away (puts item in trash), lets go outside, grab the keys, change your diaper, etc. It is INCREDIBLE how much they understand at this young age!

-Still a terrible eater. He likes avocado, eggs, and beans but will only take a few bites at a time. He is a major blueberry lover and it makes a mess. He throws food whenever he is finished and creates disasters.

-knows how to give "kisses" and "loves" and it  is so cute because he usually just licks your face

-Runs. Runs everywhere, no walking here.

-loves swimming and bath time, will cry and bang on the bathroom door to be put in the tub.

-loves being outside. Constantly collecting sticks and rocks and carrying them everywhere. boy thing?

-knows how to go down a slide all by himself. will even walk up the stairs to the slide on the kiddie playground.

My heart hurts at thinking how fast time goes by. Kaden is such a teaser, a pleaser, and so empathetic to all people. He is the best snuggler and is my best little buddy. I honestly love being his mom!