Sunday, April 26, 2015

A lot of Firsts...

BEN IS DONE WITH SCHOOL! After one of the longest weeks all year (in terms of late hours spent at the hospital) Ben finished his last rotation and is officially done with Medical School! My hubby is a doctor!!!! Next chapter: moving to Temple, vacationing at Disneyworld, and loads of time catching up with family and friends!!

So..this weekend was one for the memory books. We had a lot of "Firsts" and I felt compelled to record every one!

1. First Moving truck! We are so indebted to great friends who helped us pack! It took a lot longer than we planned! When we first moved to Texas for med school, we just took all we could fit in our car! Now that we've accumulated more furniture, we needed a large sized truck!

Kaden was super upset we wouldn't let him drive to Temple...

2. It was my FIRST time driving on a road trip by myself! (road trip=longer than 1 hour) I was super nervous but Kaden slept most of the ride and was a pretty good sport for the 3 hour journey. I listened to podcasts and enjoyed the most picturesque scenery of texas hill country in the springtime: wildflowers and tall grass and hay barrels. Perfection.

3. FIRST snowcone! Kaden and I stopped immediately at a park after we got to Temple because he was getting way too ansy. We ran around and got the wiggles out before cooling off with a FREE snowcone! Honestly the people in Temple are the kindest, most generous people I've ever met!

My boy is always a little messy:)

4. FIRST hotel room all by myself. Since Ben was coming later with the moving truck, I booked and got set up in the hotel all on my own. It sounds silly, but I got married at 19 and so for every trip I've been on I've had the luxury of a husband taking care of all of that! But I gotta admit I felt very cool:)
(also, this is Kaden watching his first motorcross event on TV while I unpacked...he was way into it!)

6. FIRST HOUSE!!! Eeek!!! We are so excited and feel so blessed. I can't wait until it is finished in early June!

7. FIRST flower bouquet that Kaden picked and I feel honored to receive it. I'm sure many more flowers will be picked for girls as this little boy is a flirt and a charmer:) But for now he is all about his mommy and I love it! ha

One more long drive back to Houston and then we head to Florida for Vacation!!! 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Kaden is 21 months and how to deal with a bad day...

Kaden is 21 months!!! I know that is almost 2 YEARS but I really cannot come to grips with that so using his age in months makes me feel much better:)

(Kaden with his sneaky face)

Some updates:
-Kaden is SO verbal! He can speak in full sentences now and is really good at communicating. Among some things he says are: "Where'd Daddy go?" "More, Please!", "Let's go Home" "Its cold!" and "Too hot!". He also knows how to count 1,2, 3 and is starting to get colors. He knows a lot of animal names and noises and will memorize books and 'read' them out loud to himself.

-He is terrified of crocodiles, dragons, and monsters that live under his bed. He screams his head off if put in his room in time out--not because he is being punished but because he is scared the monster will eat him! Thanks alot, daddy!

-He LOVES swimming! He calls the swimming pool "Jump with daddy!" and as we pass the pool everyday to get into our apartment, he goes crazy trying to get there! He also will stare out the window and look at the pool. We have taken him in a couple times and it is FREEZING cold still. Doesn't bother him though! This little fish is going to be so fun this summer!

-Kaden has a really sophisticated palate. For instance, he prefers dark chocolate over milk; hates the cheapo orange juice and prefers the name brand; loves hummus and peas, likes brown rice, chicken, and salmon; and gags at peanut butter. He has also been really into hard boiled eggs lately.

-Is entertained/amazed at fire trucks, tractors, trains, and airplanes. Still and always will love balls, but is now also into bugs, snakes, and frogs. He is BOY through and through!

-loves watching devinsupertramp videos on youtube. Sweet mercy, i hope he doesn't get any ideas---he is already too much of a daredevil!!!!

-goes down the slide (even big ones!) all by himself and climbs on the table, jumps off the couch, and knows how to use a real screwdriver. Thanks again, daddy!:)

-Despite his daredevil tendencies, he is VERY aware of "owies" and will tell me over and over the stories about "bonking" his head when he jumped off something or his 'owie" when he skins his knees. I give many many kisses a day to his "owies"

-He loves to play with blocks, train set, and LOVE LOVE LOVES to color!!! He will color forever and has the concept that he is coloring something substantial. I'll ask him what he colored and he will tell me a crocodile, basketball hoop, etc! His imagination is really quite impressive!

-Still a mommy's boy. He cuddles and gives hugs and kisses very well. He is extremely empathetic and has great emotional intelligence. If someone is upset, it upsets him too---especially mommy.

-Knows how to recognize "Jesus" from pictures and is the first to remind us to fold our arms and pray before dinner. He is adjusting well to nursery and loves to sing the songs!

-Speaking of singing--kaden will sing and dance to Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and will also sing "Are you? Are you?" from the song "Are you going to the tree?" in the latest Hunger Games movie. Kind of a morbid lullaby but I sing it to Kaden all the time and now he sings back!!

-Getting bigger and more independent every day. The tantrums can be quite exciting and most of the time I just laugh. Someone told me once that its better to have strong-willed kids than weak-willed kids---even if its hard to direct that strong-will on the right path!

All in all, I can't get enough of this kid! Sometimes I miss him if he takes too long of a nap--isn't that crazy?!?!

On another note, I was having a bad day that turned into a bad week what with Ben going back for his last surgery month, late nights with Kaden, and no energy in my runs. BUT, after carrying 20 bags of groceries, my diaper bag, and a screaming toddler up 3 flights of stairs to our apartment I got an email with pics of our house!!! Its coming along!!! P.S. the other pic is of Lake Belton which is like 7 min away from our house! (I cannot wait to play there!)

This brought a lot of comfort into my hard week. Sometimes its so easy to get caught up in the 'hard' of the moment and for me, I need to clear my head and reset my thinking. We don't always have big exciting things in our life to look forward to, but I find for me that if I have something on the calendar to look forward to, I can push through anything! So this week I had the simple pleasure of looking forward to our new home. This house is much more symbolically significant than I expected: it represents an end of an era of our lives, the end of medical school. It is the symbol of finally setting down roots, feeling like adults, and settling into a first "job" as a family.

This way of thinking can apply to other aspects of life, too. When everything feels dark, and you are surrounded by thick fog, just remember that it will clear and the sun will eventually come out. Every day is a new day, with a new chance to begin again. In the spirit of Easter Sunday, it is so important for me to remember the great hope that Jesus Christ gives us. It was the darkest time in history, when the Savior of the World bled from every pore, suffered, and hung on the cross. I cannot imagine more despair and darkness than that moment our Savior died. But He rose from the grave and brought back the light!!! He conquered death! He lives!! His death and resurrection not only allows us to repent of our sins, to come unto Him, but it serves as a powerful message that Light always follows darkness, and that the morning will always come. Always. I love the words from the hymn that sings, "He lives, my hungry soul to feed, He lives to bless in time of need."

Thank you for allowing me to share my beliefs and feelings on this Easter Sunday. And thanks for reading!