Sunday, April 26, 2015

A lot of Firsts...

BEN IS DONE WITH SCHOOL! After one of the longest weeks all year (in terms of late hours spent at the hospital) Ben finished his last rotation and is officially done with Medical School! My hubby is a doctor!!!! Next chapter: moving to Temple, vacationing at Disneyworld, and loads of time catching up with family and friends!!

So..this weekend was one for the memory books. We had a lot of "Firsts" and I felt compelled to record every one!

1. First Moving truck! We are so indebted to great friends who helped us pack! It took a lot longer than we planned! When we first moved to Texas for med school, we just took all we could fit in our car! Now that we've accumulated more furniture, we needed a large sized truck!

Kaden was super upset we wouldn't let him drive to Temple...

2. It was my FIRST time driving on a road trip by myself! (road trip=longer than 1 hour) I was super nervous but Kaden slept most of the ride and was a pretty good sport for the 3 hour journey. I listened to podcasts and enjoyed the most picturesque scenery of texas hill country in the springtime: wildflowers and tall grass and hay barrels. Perfection.

3. FIRST snowcone! Kaden and I stopped immediately at a park after we got to Temple because he was getting way too ansy. We ran around and got the wiggles out before cooling off with a FREE snowcone! Honestly the people in Temple are the kindest, most generous people I've ever met!

My boy is always a little messy:)

4. FIRST hotel room all by myself. Since Ben was coming later with the moving truck, I booked and got set up in the hotel all on my own. It sounds silly, but I got married at 19 and so for every trip I've been on I've had the luxury of a husband taking care of all of that! But I gotta admit I felt very cool:)
(also, this is Kaden watching his first motorcross event on TV while I unpacked...he was way into it!)

6. FIRST HOUSE!!! Eeek!!! We are so excited and feel so blessed. I can't wait until it is finished in early June!

7. FIRST flower bouquet that Kaden picked and I feel honored to receive it. I'm sure many more flowers will be picked for girls as this little boy is a flirt and a charmer:) But for now he is all about his mommy and I love it! ha

One more long drive back to Houston and then we head to Florida for Vacation!!! 

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