Thursday, June 12, 2014

Kaden is 11 months!!!

This last month has flown by!! Ben has been on psychiatry at ben taub and has had really good hours. Its been nice to see him every night and not feel like a single mom:) the past couple weekends we have been so busy! First we were up in San Antonio over Memorial weekend visiting Ben's best friend Tyler. Then ryan (Ben's brother) and his wife Bri came to visit us. We had a blast showing them around Houston. We are also starting to pack up all our stuff as we are putting our condo up for sale in two weeks!! As excited as I am for our fun, travel-filled summer, I'm feeling sentimental about moving and selling our home where so much has happened. I feel like I grew so much in Houston, and just when I'm finding myself loving it and feeling comfortable, we leave:(  BUT I'm super excited for the adventures in store for us! First stop: Utah! Then Oregon, then Florida! Its gonna be crazy! Enough about that, here is the update on Squirt!

•two tiny teeth buds have finally poked through!
•crawling EVERYWHERE but no steps yet
•waves bye-bye
•plays peek-a-boo
•says "that!!" And is constantly pointing at things!
•loves being sung to and dancing to music, esp loves itsy bitsy spider
•loves reading books, points constantly to the pictures
•understands the words: ball, book, daddy, drink, outside, night night, birdy, puppy, airplane, swim, swing, and Cheeto!! :)
•will bring me a ball or a book if I ask for it
•super naughty and gets a sneaky look on his face whenever I say no
•obsessed, overly obsessed with Balls of all shapes and sizes!!
•loves throwing food off his high chair
•loves going swimming with his daddy
•hums himself to sleep
•still breastfeeding a lot...trying to wean him off a bit
•scared of the vacuum and the blender
•loves playing with older babies
•a mommas boy, having some stranger danger:)
•overall, he is the sweetest, most social, and curious baby! Can't believe how blessed we are!!