Wednesday, March 20, 2013

24 Weeks!!!

Well, here is an update of life at this point in my pregnant journey:

I'm STILL sick. I am nauseas every single morning and every night. I have to eat breakfast the minute I wake up or else I'm dry heaving. The ONLY thing that doesn't make me throw up is toast and peanut butter. So that is what I eat for breakfast...and I have eaten that every morning for the last couple of months. Sometimes I get bored and try to eat something else and then I throw it up. So I've learned to be happy that I found something that will stay down. Then, after my toast I usually go on a slow jog/walk. The weather is getting hotter (90 degrees on monday!!) so I'm not sure how long this will last but I am enjoying it while I can. Here is me today at a whopping 24 weeks! (just before a painful 6 mile run!)

Lets just say that before I got pregnant I could do 6 miles in well under an hour. Now with my bathroom breaks, walking for several stretches at a time, and just being slower in general, it takes me about two hours to get it done! But at least I am doing it! I'm really trying to stay fit and not gain too much weight while still gaining what is necessary for my baby. But I am STARVING all the time and I think its his fault :-) He is growing great, and actually is measuring "tall" for his age. I hope he is tall just like his daddy and grandpa. Also I noticed that I am all of a sudden carrying REALLY LOW and it makes me have to pee all the time! 

Some of the coolest things that have happened lately have been this little guy's movements. I've felt him move since before 20 weeks but now I CAN LITERALLY SEE HIM MOVE!! Its so crazy! Ben and I will watch these little limbs poke and slide around under my skin. If it wasn't so cool it would be a little an alien invasion of my body! Before, I could only feel the kicks from the inside, but now anyone can put their hand on my belly and feel him do a little football punt! He is a strong little boy!

Besides the morning sickness I can't really complain. I feel like I've finally settled into the happy phase of pregnancy. I'm not super uncomfortable yet and the pregnancy hormones have made my hair grow really thick and my skin looks better than ever. I guess its a trade off...I look "glowing" from what friends tell me, but the only glow I see is from the porcelain toilet when I 'm face down, puking my guts out. Well, I'll take what I can get. 

And finally...we have officially decided on a name!!! Mostly thanks to the craft store Hobby Lobby. You see, I found these cute wooden letters on sale for .30 a piece! I couldn't resist getting them...So right there, in Hobby Lobby, Ben and I chose the name for our son. And fate made it so because almost all the letters were gone EXCEPT the ones we needed to spell our baby's name. So here it is! And this is his little changing table:)

Maybe its bad form or etiquette to announce the name of your baby before he's born, but I don't care. I love this name and I don't think I'll change my mind... :-)  Anyway, til next time! Thanks for reading!