Friday, October 4, 2013

Kaden 3 Months!!!

I can't believe we've made it this far!! We survived!!:) It has been such a wonderful, tiring, difficult, fulfilling, and inspiring last 3 months. Kaden has taught us so much already and I know its so cliche, but we really have grown to love each other more and we've learned more about what unconditional love is. Kaden is so much work, I'm exhausted, but those smiles and coos we share make every long day and night worth it.

Here are the updates on our little guy:

-Kaden loves to listen to music and will smile and coo at mommy and daddy if we sing to him
-still HATES the car seat, making it miserable to try to go anywhere!
-loves going on walks in the stroller
-loves loves LOVES being held; in fact, he screams unless he is being held at ALL TIMES
-starting to reach for things with his hands
-starting to sit up on his own (with the help of the bumbo!)
-gets distracted way too easily when eating--he is just so curious he is always wanting to look around
-Kaden is a big flirt; he will flash strangers his dimpled smile and coo at them
-He won't go poop for a few days and then will have several giant loads in one day--you never know when its coming!!
-He mostly sleeps through the night!!!
-The most difficult new development is that he has learned to launch himself out of his swing. He arches his back and kicks himself out of it. Same applies to all chairs we put him in. I don't like this particular trick since it scares me to death!
-Loves to be kissed on his cheeks
-Has ticklish armpits!
-Loves to be tickled on his face with mommy's hair
-A strong, stubborn personality is emerging...heaven help us!
-Loves to be cuddled and is such a good snuggler!

Some days are harder than others, but we are so grateful to be parents to this miracle boy! Our next big event is a trip to Utah!! Wish us luck on the plane!!