Monday, November 4, 2013

Kaden 4 Months

Kaden is 4 months OLD!!

WOW. Time really does fly by. At around 3.5 months things really started getting easier. I rolled my eyes every time people would say to me, “Just get past those first three months, everyt
hing gets better then.” I doubted but they were right! A few weeks ago things changed. Kaden is much more predictable, pleasant, and downright easier. I find myself getting out more and having way less anxiety. Now if Kaden would only learn to eat better…he is still nursing every 2 hours for 5-10 min. Its exhausting but its also such a tender time and I’m reminded that these precious moments nursing him won’t last forever.

Today at his cardiologist appointment they weighed him and Kaden is 13 lbs and 4 oz! We are so happy! Let’s just keep packing it on, buddy! He actually has some “grabbable” chub on him now…I wish he was bigger but I’ll take it for nowJ Hopefully he will get some more growth spurts in again soon.

Kaden has learned so many new tricks! He loves balancing on daddy’s hands and being tossed (slightly) in the air. It makes him giggle! He will be crying and fussy but will immediately smile and laugh when balancing. He also will stop fussing if you blow on his face, show him something shiny, or sing a funny song.  Ben and I made up a song and Kaden will coo and smile every time we sing it!

Kaden has also developed a fascination with toys. He loves to play with anything and everything and has started grabbing everything and putting it in his mouth. He refuses a binki but has discovered his fingers and is loving sucking on his thumb.

As parents we are growing more in love with our little Kades. Life is so much fuller and with so much more meaning now that we have him. Some nights I am tormented with nightmares of Kaden getting sick and I still have anxiety whenever I think about his heart and what it might mean for his future. BUT, we have hope and faith and are in the care of an incredible cardiologist and an all-knowing and loving Heavenly Father. So for right now, Kaden’s heart is stable and we are trying to just enjoy that peaceable knowledge and avoid worrying about the future.

Ben is on surgery right now and it has actually been amazing. He has been able to be home at really important times, like today when we had to unexpectedly take Kaden in to see his cardiologist.

I’m so grateful to be the mother of this incredible baby and wife of my amazing man!