Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas Break!

Just wanted to write down a little about our trips so I don't forget any of it!:)

Well, it started out with an 8 hour plane ride to Oregon from Houston. Kaden was a champ and slept, ate, and played wonderfully well. I, on the other hand, was going crazy. I cannot sit that long!

When we finally arrived to Oregon we were so ecstatic…but about a day into it both Kaden and I got super sick! I'm talking fevers of 103, uncontrollable shivers, terrible cough, sore throat, head ache, you name it. I was in such a bad state I don't remember much of the days that followed. I do know that we toured OHSU and looked at different neighborhoods around the school because Ben and I would really like to go there for his residency. We also went to the Oregon coast. Ben and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary with clam chowder and fish n' chips at a restaurant right on the beach. The beach was cold, blustery, and wonderful. I'm in love with Oregon.

When the triplets and their wives arrived we were able to finally bless Kaden. Poor thing was so sick and whimpered during the whole thing. Then we headed up to a cabin near Mount Hood. There we didn't have much snow and so our skiing and sledding plans were kinda ruined. BUT we did do some fun hiking and running in the mountains. We also played on frozen lakes and every night each couple took turns making delicious dinners. We had a beautiful christmas morning with tons of gifts. It all happened way too fast and we were heartbroken to leave. Not only did we love being with family, but I LOVE the Portland area and really wished I wouldn't have been so sick so I could've seen more of it. On the bright side, it left a lot for me to explore when Ben (hopefully) does his away rotation there this summer!

After Oregon we were able to make a quick weekend visit to Los Angeles are where my Dad Jeff and his wife Liz live. We actually mostly stayed in San Clemente where my stepsister Jayde lives. It was Heaven!!! Jayde and her husband Grayson (who is a lieutenant in the military) live at Camp Pendleton, right next to the most gorgeous California coastline. We had a blast and were so grateful for the hospitality in letting us crash their place for two nights. We had an amazing time running on the beach and Ben went boogie boarding and swimming in the ocean. We ate at the famous Pedro's fish tacos and I honestly have never had a more delicious taco. seriously. If you ever get a chance, try one. And they are only like 2 bucks each which makes them even more delicious.

Then, all of sudden it was over. done. We headed home. Back to my lonely tower of an apartment. Back to the grind of work and school and being adults. It was nice to be taken care of by parents again. But life must go on and we have an exciting last few months of med school ahead of us!! 

Kaden 6 months!

WOW!! My baby is already a 1/2 year old! I've decided that six months has got to be my favorite age so far. Kaden is so fun and so interactive! Here are some things he now can do:

  • sits up all by himself!!
  • loves playing with toys; especially paper and napkins which he LOVES to eat…makes eating at restaurants difficult because he grabs the napkin and stuffs it in his mouth at lightening speed!
  • chewing, chewing on everything but no teeth yet!
  • starting to try a little solid food…loves sweet potatoes and peas
  • when he wants to be held he now reaches out his arms--melt my heart!!
  • starting to get stranger danger/learning he really prefers mom or dad
  • is getting a lot more hair…and surprise its BLONDE!
  • babbles a lot, but also squawks like a bird…its kinda embarrassing at church!:)
  • gives cuddles and 'kisses' which really is just resting his head on your shoulder and sucking on your cheek
  • can play peek-a-boo and loves it!
  • still HATES the car seat and has a fit every single time we go for a car ride
  • sticks his tongue out
  • blows raspberries
  • sticks out his bottom lip all the time
  • loves riding in the front seat of the grocery cart
  • still hates tummy time
  • now weights 15.5 pounds and I forget the exact length but he is in the 60th percentile for length and head circumference…only the 5th or something percentile for weight. So lanky!
  • Honestly, Kaden is the joy of my life and ben and I are so grateful for such a remarkably happy baby…if only he can stop getting sick every other week we'll survive this winter!