Sunday, February 9, 2014

Kaden 7 months!

I'm literally typing this as tears roll down my face. I cannot believe how fast my baby is growing up! He is constantly changing and growing and truly gives my life meaning and joy. Here is an update on my little boy:
  • We have stopped doing weekly weigh-ins for Kaden because I think our pediatrician has finally realized that we just have a long, lanky kid on our hands! He has followed a great growth pattern, he is just naturally tall and skinny. Hopefully I'll be able to fatten him up as he eats more solid foods. I'll just make him a shake of butter and avocados or something:)
  • Kaden loves to sit up and play with toys. He is constantly rolling all over the place and grabbing at everything.
  • Still sleeping through the night, every night. The other day he slept from 8 pm to 9 am and still took two naps during the day! What a champ!
  • Teething like crazy.
  • Ear infection and a cough like every other week it seems. Poor guy.
  • Can "Roar" back at mommy and daddy
  • Plays peek a boo 
  • Loves watching the washing machine spin and will watch it for like 10 minutes straight!
  • Loves eating/chewing on paper towels, wrappers, toilet paper, napkins, and cardboard. He can grab these things at lightening speed and put them in this mouth! I have to be on constant alert!
  • Laughs all the time!!! Even when he is grumpy we can make him laugh
  • Smiles at strangers
  • Loves sucking on fruits, especially mango and strawberries
  • Loves being naked!
  • Loves showers and baths
  • Loves going grocery shopping and looking at everything
  • Is obsessed with other kids. He will smile and coo and giggle at other kids and babies.
  • Gives "kisses" and "cuddles" with mom and dad
  • Is the absolute joy and light of our lives!!!