Sunday, April 20, 2014

Kaden 9 months!!

I'm a little late in posting this but that is because I was recovering from two WEEKS of stomach flu. seriously. It was rough and I didn't really feel like doing anything except lay in bed…which was actually convenient because the worst of it was during General Conference Weekend. I'm telling you, if you're gonna be sick, be sick during G.C. Because if you are going to lie around all day in bed, listening to the prophet and apostles is a great option to lift your spirit! But enough about that, here is the update on my little 9 month old monkey!!

-Crawling everywhere! Seriously so fast that I cannot take my eyes off him for one second
-Pulling himself up…and falling. wants to get into everything and anything.
-learned to recognize the words Daddy, Birdies, Puppy, Outside, Momma, Night-Night
-refuses to be fed anything by spoon! driving me bonkers…will only eat what he can feed himself.
-still sleeping through the night most nights…except when Ben gets home at 2 am and then Kaden thinks its time to play with Daddy!
-Loves eating cheerios and avocado, big fan of shredded beef and chicken
-Loves playing with other babies, a little social butterfly
-Loves reading books and watching baby einstein
-we have a little duck puppet and he will laugh hysterically when I play with it
-OBSESSED with bath time…will cry when I take him out and will escape when I'm trying to dress him and crawls back to the tub!
-loves playing with dogs, but scared of cats
-loves watching birds and squirrels in the park
-favorite toys are: shoes, cell phone, measuring cup, boxes of any kind, and washcloths
-loves watching the washing machine spin
-will give "kisses" and "loves" by sucking on my cheek and bonking his forehead to mine
-No stranger danger yet, just Mr. Social

All in all i'm crazy about this kid. He fills me with so much joy and purpose. Ben has been SO BUSY that I really have felt like a single mom the last few weeks. There are moments I feel so drained that I want to cry but other moments where my heart is so full with what i've accomplished. This week I'm headed to Utah (primarily because I get to see my Mom graduate with her Master's Degree in Social Work, but also because I'm alone ALL THE TIME while Ben is on his surgery internship). I'm looking forward to having babysitters, fresh utah veggies, crisp Utah spring air, playtime with friends, reconnecting with family, and showing off kaden to everyone.

Thanks for reading!