Sunday, November 9, 2014

Kaden is 16 months and Halloween recap...

Wow. WOW! wow. Kaden is 16 months!!! I cannot believe it! It makes me so sad that he is growing up so much, but at the same time I LOVE how fun, interactive, and communicative he is now. I say this every month, but I really do love this age!

The past few weeks we've been living with my parents in Utah while Ben has been on away rotation in Florida. To say we miss him is a huge understatement. Ben is not only my husband, but he is my best friend, my stabilizer, and quite honestly my favorite person i've ever known. He is just the best, and the best father and so we are counting down the days until we are reunited!!! Then interviews begin which will be a lot of traveling for Ben, but at least we will see him a couple times a week!

Anyway, back to Kaden. Here are some of his new tricks:

-climbs everywhere and on everything. Also, remarkably committed to jumping off of things like chairs, couches, beds, etc. Gives me a heart attack.
-LOVES to go down slides. Has NO FEAR. I swear this kid must be a Welling or something (for those of you who don't know, Ben and his brothers are notorious for jumping off insane waterfalls, cliffs, bridges, etc.)

-Loves to play with animals. It melts my icy heart that said i'd never own a dog…maybe…
-Still obsessed with balls, and it is his preferred toy, but also loves to play with cars, trucks, and blocks.
-Legitimately will play with a stick in dirt for hours. 100% boy.
-has a weird thing with eating crayons
-has another weird thing with brushes: hair brushes, toothbrushes, paintbrushes, makeup brushes--he loves to play with them!
-LOVES playing with cousin and best friend, Claire. Can you spot the welling chin?!

-Super talkative and has said these words: Hotdog, drink, mamma, daddy, bean, ball, NO, YES, dog-dog, and bath.
-Refers to almost all food as "bean". He really really likes beans. And Guacamole.
-raspberries and cheese are his favs.
-Really into playing peek-a-boo. Also he holds up his hands saying "where'd it go?" if he has dropped something.
-Great sleeper and napper…finally eating better too! This kid will eat an entire avocado, and entire yogurt, a string cheese, and a hotdog all in one sitting.
-still nursing:)
-huge mamma's boy

-loves to press "buttons" from the elevator to the garage door opener. He thinks he is magic!
-fascination with motorcycles, scooters, bikes, tractors, and pretty much all locomotives
-His newest thing that is so cute is that every night he will go get my Mom's essential oils and bring them to her for her to rub on him. He loves those doTerra oils!

-Was his mama's biggest cheerleader when I ran the Provo Halloween Half! It was the FUNNEST race i've ever done and so beautiful running through the canyon. However, coming straight from Texas I was freezing!!! Also, I almost PR'd if it wasn't for a couple of port-a-potty stops! TMI, i know.

-For Halloween he was a Chicken, and I was his Farmer. He was scared about trick-or-treating at first, but once he got the hang of it he would grab fistfuls of candy and put it in his bucket…then he must've gotten confused because every house we went to he would take from his bucket and put it into their candy bowl! This made me laugh because I'm sure that mistake will never happen again as he gets older and understands more of what candy is:)

We love this social, energetic, sweet sweet boy!!