Monday, January 12, 2015

18 months, late Christmas and New Year's Recap!

This kiddo is 18 months old!!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas! Kaden was so spoiled and definitely got tuckered out by opening all the presents! He mostly received gifts of balls, trucks, building blocks, and books=perfect heaven for this energetic boy!

As predicted, Santa scared him pretty badly. He just cried out "Mama!" while sitting on his lap. 

Throughout the holidays we got to catch up with a few old friends from my Ballroom dancing days when I danced on the Ballroom Dance Company at BYU. A lot of my best friends from dance have babies now, most of them are the same age! (we are missing some of the babies in this pic)! 

My mom does an incredible job of keeping fun family Christmas traditions alive…like crazy Christmas Eve Jammies!

Ben and I also got to celebrate our 5 year ANNIVERSARY! We went to Color Me Mine and ate way too much decadent chocolate. We also truly embraced the snow before we head back to texas…

We had a great time going up to temple square and seeing the lights. Kaden can say "Jesus" (kinda) and loves to fold his arms to say prayers! 

On New year's day Ben headed on a 2 week Interview craze. He's had 11 interview offers now and it has been really exciting to imagine our future in 11 different places across the U.S. We had to turn down one interview offer because of a scheduling conflict and now Ben has done 8 interviews with San Francisco, California and Gainesville, Florida left to do at the end of this month. Then…back to normal life in Texas:(

Here are more updates about the squirt:

Loves bathtime, especially after getting his new bath basketball hoop for christmas. He is actually an excellent shot. His vocabulary is growing more and more, but is most frequently screaming ,"Help me up!" in reference to needing assistance with ANYTHING, especially climbing on the couch, table, chairs, etc. He is a serious monkey! 

When he is hungry he asks for a "yummy" and says "thirsty" when he needs a drink. He also discovered candy this christmas and devours m&ms! He is such a happy, social, guy and truly loves to make people laugh. He shows off by dancing around, doing somersaults, and throwing his ball as far as possible. He only gets grumpy when he needs a nap, and still is pretty attached to his "mama". 

We had a scary ER run this past month. Everything was ok, he just got severely dehydrated and had fevers of 104 for a couple of days. We also checked his heart while we were at it and that looked good so my worries were dissipated. Dang Utah winters get us sick every time:)

At 18 months Kaden is growing into such a strong willed, but kind hearted little man. He is my best bud and I truly love to spend my days playing with him. I can't believe how fast time flies!!

Happy 2015!!!