Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Home Depot, Ikea, and our house is ALMOST done!

We've been playing hard the last few weeks! Ben completed his first triathlon, outlasted me shopping in Ikea, and made us salads for dinner. He is seriously winning in the hunky hubby department!

Kaden has officially learned how to swim. His happy place is anywhere with water!

This handsome boy pulls my heartstrings everyday. His song about his favorite stores "Home Depot and Ikea" is pretty phenomenal.

Even though most of Texas was flooding like crazy, our house has been progressing and is almost finished! Ben goes down there next week for us to close! We love it!

SUPER awesome-ly LONG Vacation

Well, I am very very behind on this blog! SO much has happened and I'm sure I might miss some details but here are our highlights:

Went to Universal Studios in Orlando...Kaden was spoiled by all the attention from Ben's family!


Harry Potter World definitely lived up to its reputation...especially the Butterbeer! If you get some, make sure you get the frozen slushy version. Mmmm!!!

Kaden was a little grumpy until we found a dark corner in Diagon Alley to put him in for his nap!:)

Kaden's favorite was Jurassic Park...he LOVED the dinosaurs! Wasn't scared at all!

He kept trying to feed this big dino and was brave enough to touch the teeth! 

After a great vacation in Orlando (i'm missing all my pics from the beach there!) we headed to Oregon and hit up the coast on the west side!


Kaden love love LOVES the beach and was completely happy throwing rocks into the ocean for hours! He still asks daily to go "Jump wa-wa wit daddy at da beet!" Ben also enjoyed his time and built his own clamming gun! Bad luck though: I think he caught 3 clams in 3 hours! haha sorry honey:)

We celebrated my 25th birthday by getting fancy desserts in downtown Portland. We shared 3 massive portions and the waiter and table next to us thought we were crazy. Worth it.

my fav...the delicious Baked Alaska...and a delicious bicep on my man!:)

And of course, the BEST birthday present ever was running a half marathon and getting another PR! Won first place in my age group and took home a fancy wine glass for a trophy haha

After our trip in Oregon we headed to Utah. Its been great catching up with my side of the family as well as cousins Claire and baby Weston.

Claire and Kaden get along great when Kaden is Claire's baby:)

Catching up with The Greens! 

Kaden got another haircut! This kid's hair grows crazy fast!

Some other highlights include the buying of our scooter...

...And family pics taken by my SIL Bri!!

Thanks for reading!!! Next up...the progress on our house!