Friday, May 17, 2013

Security Guards, Receptionists, and Valets...a rant and a rage

I'm so grateful for people whose jobs really make my life easier. Their entire work day is focused on how to improve the function of the facility in which they are at. To illustrate, I will share my experiences the last two days:

First of all, as a pregnant woman I am extremely dangerous.

So dangerous in fact, that the security guard at my husband's med school won't let me walk through the building to escape the rain because I don't have an ID badge. I'm almost 8 months pregnant, in flip flops, its pouring rain outside...but like I said, I don't have an ID badge and so no access for me. Ben, a devoted student, was at my side with his badge, and tried to convince the guard that I was his wife and we were just trying to take a short cut to our car in the parking lot so I didn't have to waddle through the rain.

No sympathy from this guy. Must've been my shifty eyes.

No big deal. But like I said, its pouring rain! So we tried to be sneaky and enter the building through another door (ben has a key per being a student) BUT the guard chased us all the way there and stood at the door with his arms waving a frantic "No!" and blocking us from entering.

Jeez, that guy does his job well. He should get a promotion. No pregnant terrorists will ever get past him.

The next day I had some baby shower invitations for Ben's medical school friends that he forgot to take with him to school so I needed to drop them off. I go to the front desk and in answer to prayer it wasn't that security guard---just a nice-looking receptionist lady.

I proceed to explain that I have 3 baby shower invitations for my husband to give to his classmates and can I please leave them here at the front desk? I'm running late to a dr. appointment and my husband is still coming from another class. Is that ok? He'll be here in like ten minutes.

With a huff and puff the flustered receptionist shakes her head and says absolutely not. It is against the rules to hold anything at the desk for students...what if there is money in those envelopes? She could get in big trouble.

I choke back some frustration and open each of the envelopes, showing her the harmless sheets of paper with blue balloons and other happy-feely decor on them. There is no money in here, no illegal documents, no anthrax. Just a baby shower invitation. Please. Can I please just set these on the desk...I'm running late...he will be here so soon.

No. She'll get in trouble. She can't be accountable for this kind of thing.

So with a flash of brilliancy I ask if I can place them right NEXT to her desk on the newspaper rack. She agrees because it is not ON the desk and kindly assures me that she will make sure my husband can find them!!!

You've got to be kidding me.

Later that same day, I was dropped off at the front of my apartment building by a friend. My apartment has valets to park your car and open the door for you. I've actually made good friends with a lot of the valets, most of them are very shy and incredibly kind. Today they had a new he opened the door for me he exclaims, "Lady! You are supposed to eat the watermelon piece by piece, not swallow it WHOLE!"


 'Til next time, folks!

P.S. this blog entry entirely satire. In no way do I discriminate or endorse discrimination of individuals in these professions :-)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Update on Kaden's Heart

Well...things have been really hard in some ways lately. For example, I've been going to the doctor almost every week for various tests and appointments. I even met with a geneticist, who was wonderful, but had to discuss with me every possible disorder that my baby could potentially have. Needless to say, its been emotionally exhausting, but at the same time Ben and I have been able to push through it.

I owe all my strength to my amazing husband. Ben has been so supportive and loving through this whole thing. I know that with him by my side, holding my hand, that I can do anything. Yesterday we had another ultrasound on the heart with our Cardiologist. We were really nervous and anxious for the news but at the same time we were still able to joke and laugh and be happy--just because that is our default for when we are together. It makes me so grateful to know that even in our darkest hours, Ben is still my best friend and someone I can always count on to make me laugh and smile through the tears.

Well yesterday our doctor brought us some good news...and some bad news. The good news is that Kaden is growing really well (over 4 lbs!) and the blood and oxygen supply to his brain and other organs haven't been compromised. He doesn't seem to have any other malformations in other areas of his body, indicating that his heart is most likely an isolated incident and that he doesn't have an overlying syndrome (however, we won't know for sure until genetic testing is done at birth). His heart seems to be holding on, and the good news is that for now his heart isn't going into complete failure. The Bad News: last ultrasound he was able to pump blood through the very narrowed pulmonary valve pretty successfully. Now, there is significant back flow of blood from the pulmonary valve and also the tricuspid valves. What our doctor thinks may happen now is surgery on both the pulmonary valve and the tricuspid--although we are still hoping that fixing the pulmonary valve will be the solution for everything else to fall into place.

So...what does this mean in the interim before Kaden is born? Well, because his heart is now having back flow, there is a chance he may need to come early. However, we want him to be as strong as possible for the surgeries. At my next echocardiogram, in about 3 weeks, the doc will determine whether to induce me early or let me go the full 40. We are praying that his heart is stable enough for him to be born full term.

We are trying to stay positive through all of this. We have already seen so many tender mercies, such as living so close the medical center that I can walk to all my appointments. Ben has also been given time off to attend every echocardiogram I've had. We are even just grateful that we live in a time where technology can find problems like this so that our baby has a chance. All in all, our faith is getting us through and now we just have to play the waiting game.

On a lighter note, here are some updates on my pregnancy:

First, I LOVE food! I am so starving all the time but I can only eat little bits at a time. It must be my stomach is so smushed in there. It actually is really great for Ben because he always finishes my plate:)

Second, the baby is so so SO ACTIVE! He moves so much and Ben and I will watch my stomach contort into crazy shapes as Kaden squirms all around. He even gets the hiccups a few times a week! I think that through all the throwing up and discomfort, pregnancy is worth it--just feeling my baby move inside me is the most incredible life experience!

Thanks for reading! Please keep Kaden in your prayers!

Monday, May 13, 2013


Comparison of weeks! Just wish I would've kept my pose to the same side...oh well! It goes 27 weeks, 31 weeks, and bottom pic is 33 weeks!!!!